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What’s on a Front Page

Does anyone have a newspaper at home, does you family take a newspaper? Which one? The Sun. We happen to have The Sun here, so let's just have a look at The Sun for a minute. What kind of newspaper is it? Anybody know what this is called? What kind of newspaper? It’s called a... "tabloid". Very good, it’s called a tabloid. What's this here (pointing)? It's called a mask head, and they're also called red-top papers because, can you guess why? Red at the top, yes. What have you got on a tabloid page, what are the elements? What's this (pointing)? Is it called the picture? Or do we call it an image. We're looking at what you get on a front page, we're going to come back to this at the end. What's this? "Headline". What's this (pointing)? It's information, between the headline and the story - it's about the story, so we call it the sub-head. What's this, it says by Victoria Newton. What do you call that by thing? It's called a 'by line'.

And there's this thing here - no not a sub-heading, but good guess. What does it do? It's a teaser, it's called a strap, and the strap gives you the information on what the story is, in this case 'Paris out of jail after 3 days' that's the information, whereas the headline is more like a joke. So you've got the strap, the headline, the subhead, the by line, the story, the image, and also, what's this little nit of writing here, under the picture, what's this called? It’s describing the picture, isn't it? Do you know what that's called? We describe the picture in a..."caption". So you’ve got all these elements on your front page. We're going to do a front page with Margarita Maltash.
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  Victoria introduces her work
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