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I tackled this project by bringing in a variety of tabloid and mid-market newspapers to establish some basic journalistic conventions: the screaming splash headline, the short standfirst that tells the story, the introduction ("Nose" or "intro") and the way of telling a story in short, jumpy sentences which do not necessarily follow a chronological narrative. Having established these, we worked in groups on interviewing: the right kinds of questions (open, not closed, probing) setting the subject at ease, problems of libel. Then the children split into pairs to interview each other, assuming the character of journalist and interviewee (Massys' Grotesque Old Woman). They pooled the best - wittiest, most unexpected - and wrote them up. Finally, we shared our work and brainstormed headlines.
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  Victoria introduces her work
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Detail of ‘Grotesque Old Woman’ by Quinten Massys, about 1525-30.Click here for About the Painting.
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