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The storm's getting heavier now, smashing on the trees and swallowing up the ground beneath me. My whiskers are messy and my fur is soaked, but I have to keep on running, I have to get back to my family. I knew I shouldn't have gone hunting today, I had a bad feeling about this day, like something terrible was going to happen. The grass and leaves are getting slippery and slowing me down, but I can't stop, I must get back home.
When my home is in sight I stop with astonishment. I see my wife and kids dead with three men cutting their fur off. Just then, something in me snaps, making me run and pounce on the first man. I take a big chunk out of his shoulder, then try to attack the other men. Unfortunately they are too strong, and overpower me with their weapons.
When I awake I am in a cage in a car, and next to me are my dead wife and kids. The worst thing that I could possibly imagine has happened to me - I am captured!
By Yinka, Hackney Free & Parochial CE School

I was running rapidly through the jungle trying to escape. I hated it, the rain was making my fur go all soggy and drenched. The wind was blowing the wet ferns into my face as I was trying to run. I had to keep my eyes wide open just in case. The rain made a smashing sound with hostility. Every time thunder went off the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up sharply. So many noises and colours, I was scared but I couldn't let them catch me. I saw too many tigers like me be hunted for our fur, so I would not stop until I was sure they had. The long wet grass was slowing me down. I need shelter to hide in, but everything looks the same.
The noises are still coming closer, I can hear the things that are louder than the thunder. This is a life or death situation. Only vegetation in front of me, but they had caught up with me, the hunters. I was going to be the next one to die. They had surrounded me now, all around me. I'm ready to pounce and they’re pointing something very long at me, I'm scared.
I jump, but it's too late. I can feel a sharp ball of heat in my stomach - it hurts. I see red pouring out of me. I can't move, the pain is like nothing I have ever felt. I see light and that's the end of me.
By Michael, Hackney Free & Parochial CE School

A tiger was walking in the forest alone. He was trying to find a place to go under to hide from the smashing rain. The beautiful smell made him drunk - the smell of the wet trees and flowers. It was very windy, damp, rainy and stormy. The tiger was in a hurry, he was running as fast as he could to find shelter.
As the tiger was running, he saw a group of people walking in the forest. He was scared, it was his first time seeing humans. He was scared but he didn't know what to do. He started running and he saw the people were chasing him. It was five hunters. The hunters lost the tiger - he was out of sight for 10 seconds, enough time for him to get ready to attack.
By Necati, Hackney Free & Parochial CE School

The rainforest is so humid yet so stormy. Everywhere around me is moist. I see the little creatures scurry past me. The leaves are moving in the motion of the wind. There is a great thunder, rain is pouring and hitting my fur like bullets. Every step I take I step on something either rotten or slimy. Then I smell a presence. It doesn't smell too good - in fact it smells like danger, really bad danger.
I crouched down in my hunting position ready to pounce on whatever may come my way. Then I see this creature. The creature seems very unusual, it's not a creature I've seen in my life before. It walks on two legs, has no fur apart from the little on its head, and it seems to be wearing something that looks like zebra skin. I am ready to pounce when I just black out, all of a sudden I see nothing.
I wake up ina totally strange environment, and there are more of the same creatures watching me. I close my eyes then open them again just to check if what I was seeing is real. That was when I realised that this was the story my father had told me about - I have been captured and there is no going back.
By Hannah, Hackney Free & Parochial CE School

What do I do, I'm not going to be able to run much further with my leg pouring out blood.
I can hear the voices of my predators, and the sound of guns reloading.
Where do I go, I can't keep running, I am losing too much blood.
As I lay amongst the leaves I can feel the rain piercing my open wound and I can see my own blood dripping off the leaves.
I can hear the leaves being crushed by the footsteps. Maybe I'm meant to die, maybe it's for the best!
As the footsteps get closer and closer, I realise it's over and there's no way out.
I count down from ten in my head. Ten, nine, eight, and so on. By the time I had reached five, out of nowhere four tigers ran by and distracted my hunter's attention - I was saved!
By Chloe, Hackney Free & Parochial CE School

The rainforest is meant to be a place where I can be free to wander around, to do the things I please. Somewhere nobody can harm you in any way. But now it has changed into something else leaving me distraught and in fear. Before, I used to be the predator, but overnight I have turned into the prey. They think I am a weapon of mass destruction but under my striped black and orange fur, I have a heart.
They come at any time they want to charging in, but after they captured the monkey, the only animal that had a shiny glow to it's fur, life has been so hard. Right now the heavy rain is beating against my back, the wind is blowing fiercely into my whiskers, my paws are soggy as I creep through the overgrown grass and damp leaves. I hear footsteps, but not the ones of an elephant - they are much softer, but still loud enough for me to hear.
I can also hear voices and silent whispers. Could it be a parakeet? No, the voices sound more fearsome and bold. Then suddenly emerging from the reflection of the sun, I see a big dark black shadow above my head. My heart starts to beat a thousand beats per second. I feel something I have never felt before.
By Christabell, Hackney Free & Parochial CE School

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