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Year 8 students from Woodfield School for young people with special needs wrote poetry inspired by Tiepolo's 'An Allegory of Venus and Time' with Margot Henderson. The masterclass took place literally underneath the painting as it hangs in the Gallery at a slant off the wall.

The students learnt that originally it was painted for a ceiling and the characters were all from Greek Mythology, apart from the portrait of the baby in the centre.

Because the painting is allegorical Margot read the students a poem she had written especially to explain  'Reading between the Lines'.

She then asked the students to focus on the symbols in the painting, relating each object to a  mythological character.

The students then used these ideas to write their own poems.

Image of quote from Margot's poem.Click here for Margot's poem.
Image of students in the gallery.Click here for Student Responses.
Image of 'An Allegory with Venus and Time' by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, about 1754-8.Click here for About the Painting.
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