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Malorie Blackman, bestselling author of 'Checkmate', has been given the 2005 Eleanor Farjeon Award. The award is given to an individual in recognition of their distinguished contribution to the world of children's books. Previous winners have included Jacqueline Wilson and Philip Pullman. Photo of Malorie Blackman.
“The path of success for a writer is to write every day, even if it’s gobbledegook”. Malorie Blackman

During her writing career Malorie has won a host of other awards, including:

Sheffield Children’s Book of the Year Award 2002 for 'Noughts and Crosses'
Bafta Best Children’s Drama Award 2000 for 'Pig Heart Boy'
WH Smith’s Mind Boggling Book Award 1994 for 'Hacker'
Young Telegraph/Gimme 5 Children’s Book of the Year Award 1994 for 'Hacker'

“My earliest memory is of our house in Beckenham when I was three. My dad had bought me a walking-talking doll for a surprise. When he pulled the doll’s cord and it walked towards me saying “mamma mamma” in its awful little robotic voice, I didn’t see a beautiful doll, I saw a monster that had to be destroyed before it could kill me. I hurled it into the fire, where it bubbled and melted horribly.

That early incident with the doll shows I’ve always had a vivid imagination. Many years after I came to write my book as a way of exorcising bad dreams”.

Extract taken from an interview in the Evening Standard 14 Oct 2004.

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