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Kevin nearly lost hope of getting his first book, 'Martyn Pig', published. This is what he says about it:
“I’d almost given up after contacting a lot of publishers and quite a few agents... but I’d spent my 20s and 30s trying to get into the music business so I was used to rejection. I knew I just had to keep going.”
Photo of Kevin Brooks.
Luckily, after he sent the first chapter to a new publisher, it came to the attention of Barry Cunningham – the man who bought the Harry Potter stories for Bloomsbury Children’s Books! He really liked 'Martyn Pig' and published it in 2002. It won The Branford Boase Award in 2003.

The book tells the story of a neglected teenage boy who sets off a chain of blackmail and betrayal when he accidentally kills his drunken father. This is how one young reviewer summarised it:

“Martyn isn’t one of life’s lucky people. His dad is a drunk and his only friend is Alex. His life is miserable, but he’s really resigned to it all, dodging his dad when he gets violent, avoiding continual questions about his home life, confiding in Alex, waiting for her to care about him. Then something happens that changes everything, and Martyn has to make some tough decisions that send events spiralling out of control.”

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