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Jacqueline instructing the class

What we are going to do today, we are going to make up some characters for a story and then sort out what we are going to put in it. We are not actually going to write the story and those of you that find writing an absolute bore, it's meant to be fun, you don't have to bother too much about spelling or whatever, it's just really to get our minds working. So first of all we are going to focus on this girl here, right, and we are all going to think of a name for her and we are going to think how old she is, and we are going to put that on the top of our piece of paper, and with a name. I mean, they are French but certainly she doesn't have to be French, she can be whatever nationality you want her to be, whatever age you want her to be, and then we are going to write a few lines, just about a paragraph, however long you want it to be, on what this girl is like. But we are not going to say she looks like this and she has long red hair, we are going to use the first person when we write. Now who knows what I mean when I say 'the first person'?

(Student) 'I'

'I', absolutely. This is the way that I like to write, myself, in my books. You will find that in nearly all my books I pretend to be the main character.
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Jacqueline's instructions
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