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Jacqueline Wilson was still at school and only nine years old when she wrote her first book-length story, filling page after page of notebooks bought from Woolworth's! At the age of 17 years she had her first short story published and since then she has written over 70 books, sold over 20 million copies in the UK alone and won many prizes and awards. She is the current Children's Laureate. Photo of Jacqueline Wilson.
These are just some of her books:
The Story of Tracy Beaker
The Illustrated Mum
The Suitcase Kid
Bad Girls
Double Act
Lola Rose
Vicky Angel
Girls Under Pressure
Girls Out Late

Jacqueline likes writing about families - with all their ups and downs - and usually from the point of view of the children who live in them. Growing up and friendship are also important themes in her stories.

When she is not busy writing she enjoys reading (she has over 15,000 books at home), watching films, swimming, dancing, shopping and visiting art galleries.

This is what Jacqueline says about her work:

"I don't have many long detailed descriptions in my books, but I always describe my girl characters. I think it's important to know exactly what they look like. I'm especially interested in their hair. I've described girls with wild fizzy hair, girls with long straight dark hair, girls with hair dyed bright red. I've got very very short hair (which is handy because I go swimming early every morning and it only takes a minute to dry). However, I like long hair best. I think it looks beautiful. Lots of famous artists share my fixation."

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