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John Hegley was born in Newington Green in London but spent most of his childhood in Luton, a place he often writes about in his poems, stories and songs.

When he left school he worked as a bus conductor (a childhood dream!) and then went to study at Bradford University. After that he came back to London and worked in children's theatre and at the Comedy Store.  

Photo of John Hegley.

He is now a very successful performer, both live and on TV and radio.

His books include:
Glad to Wear Glasses
Can I come Now, Dad?
Five Sugars Please
These Were Your Fathers
Beyond Our Kennel

This is what John says about his work:

"John Hegley writes his poems about his family and his spectacles. He writes songs about vegetables and paintings. Sometimes his writing is silly and sometimes it is sad. He has a dog puppet which has some poems of its own. It is made of an old sack. It is a Sack Russell Terrier. He has had it since it was a puppet."

Here is one of John's potato poems:

Quick Potato Poem
The Spud

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