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With the help of professional writers, the National Gallery encouraged 11-14 year olds to engage with paintings as a stimulus for writing. In 2003, students from eight selected London schools visited the Gallery for masterclasses with writers, including authors Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman and Kevin Brooks, poets John Hegley and Margot Henderson, scriptwriter Sarah Phelps, and journalist Brian Flynn. Further information...

Please note that this programme is no longer running.

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Photo of 'Helene Rouart in her Father's Study' by Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, about 1886. Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas' 'Hélène Rouart in her Father's Study' with Emma Frost
Photo of 'An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump' by Joseph Wright of Derby, 1768. Joseph Wright of Derby's 'An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump' with Sherry Ashworth and Diane Samuels
Photo of 'Perseus Turning Phineas to Stone' by Giordano, early 1680s. Giordano's 'Perseus Turning Phineas to Stone' with Alan Gibbons
Photo of 'Surprised!' by Henri Rousseau, 1891. Henri Rousseau's 'Surprised!' with Sherry Ashworth
Photo of Beverley Naidoo. Nicolas de Largillierre’s 'Princess Rákóczi' with Beverley Naidoo
Photo of Roy Apps with students. Degas's 'Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando' with Roy Apps
Photo of Valerie Bloom with students. Rembrandt's 'Belshazzar’s Feast' with Valerie Bloom
Detail of 'Grotesque Old Woman' by Quinten Massy, about 1525-30. Quinten Massys’s 'Grotesque Old Woman' with Victoria Neumark
Detail of 'At the Theatre' by Renoir, 1876-7. Renoir's 'At the Theatre' with Jacqueline Wilson
Detail of 'The Execution of Lady Jane Grey' by Paul Delaroche, 1833. Paul Delaroche's 'The Execution of Lady Jane Grey' with Malorie Blackman
Photo of Margot Henderson. Tiepolo's 'An Allegory of Venus and Time' with Margot Henderson
Photo of Brian Flynn. Paolo Uccello's 'The Battle of San Romano' with Brian Flynn
Photo of Kevin Brooks. Pietro Longhi's 'Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice' with Kevin Brooks
Photo of Jacqueline Wilson. Degas's 'Combing the Hair' with Jacqueline Wilson
Photo of John Hegley.   Niccolo dell'Abate's 'The Death of Eurydice' with John Hegley