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Pressing his ear to the great doors, Perseus felt his stomach churn. With trembling fingers he twisted the doorknob. At that moment he hurled the doors open with purpose. Simultaneously the guests spun their heads to face the intruder. A gasp sounded from the table. Perseus scanned the room for the man he wanted - the king.
A squat, balding man threw himself at Perseus, desperate to please the king. With a swing of his blade, Perseus slashed open the man’s skull, sending hot blood spraying across the room. Watching their fellow fall to the floor, three soldiers brandishing their spears, stepped forward, ready for a fight. Perseus delved into the leather bag and felt the still writhing snakes coil themselves around his fingers. Taking a breath, he drew out the cold, heavy head and thrust it in front of the soldiers. Its mouth slid into a sly smile as he saw the warning signs of the transformation the soldiers were about to undertake. Suddenly, each soldier stopped in his tracks, frozen to the spot for all eternity as fine cracks appeared on each mans arms. Their skin, tinted grey, hardened, whilst their voices faded into time as they turned to stone.
Finally, a glimpse or royal red alerted the predator to his cowardly prey, running through a doorway. Catching sight of his victim quivering in the shadows, Perseus strode over to him.
"Make your peace with the gods," Perseus bellowed. "You are about to die".
His jaw outlined his determination as he heard the king begin to run. He charged forwards.
By Hannah, Brentford School for Girls

The boy stood there, his hand trembling. Gasping with every breath, his heart pounded. Sucking in a last deep breath, he threw himself through the great wooden doors. The intruder entered. The guests turned and gazed with curiosity. One man dropped his goblet. Another turned and gasped. In his right hand he gripped his sword with pride. In his left hand he held a leather bag. He strode forward, proud, his eyes full of revenge. His jaw was set with concentration.
A thick-set guest, bald on the head, ran forward to block Perseus' entry. The young man cut him to the floor with a slash of his sword and moved on towards the centre of the hall. There, three warriors moved forward. The trio ran toward him with their javelins. Perseus opened the leather bag. Placing his hand in the bag he felt the slithering serpents and Medusa's blood on his palms. From the bag, Perseus clutched the snakes and pulled out the head. Medusa's head stared colour-less, cold and evil. The warrior's paralysed transformation began, their faces stiffened, and cracks appeared.
Perseus turned, "where is the king?" he bellowed. The king hid behind a red velvet curtain. Perseus searched for the king, listening for trembling breath. He pulled back the curtain and raised Medusa's head. The king instantly turned into stone, the knowing look of death in his eyes.
By Paige, Brentford School for Girls

Pressing his ear to the great doors, Perseus felt a shiver creep up his body. He felt ice cold. His fingers trembling violently, he nervously twisted the heavy gold door handle. He entered, then drew a great deep breath and screamed "I have arrived!"
Instantly everyone froze and all eyes were on him. Glasses clattered to the stone floors, mouths fell open in shock and the moment felt extremely tense. Perseus scanned the throng quickly for his quarry, the king.
A squat, balding man galloped forward from the dispersing crowd and boldly took out his sword. Without a second thought, Perseus whacked the man with his sword. Warm, red blood gushed out of his skull and sprayed the people surrounding him. Perseus' sword dripped with bright red blood and made Perseus feel nauseous. Three soldiers raced forwards, spears and lances raised, perspiring enormously. Perseus reached in to his leather bag and felt the smooth cold wriggling snakes entwining steadily round his fingers. He yanked the head out, holding his breath because the smell was so grotesque. He closed his eyes and pushed it towards the soldiers’ faces. He heard a series of shrieks and slowly opened his eyes. He felt sick. He saw the soldier's skin stiffening quickly by the second. It was a disgusting sight.
Finally the hunter caught sight of his prey. The king instantly fell to his knees and started groveling shamelessly.
"Please, Perseus, forgive me. I am a good king at heart, please don’t destroy me, I beg of you..."
"Say your prayers, old man, for it is time for you to die!" roared Perseus, his eyes narrowing viciously. Even though he knew he had the upper hand, Perseus was shaking and perspiring heavily. The king, knowing that Perseus wasn't going to relent, got up and started to run as fast as he could, his sandals clattering against the cold, stone floors and his wheezy breath getting louder by the second. Suddenly Perseus lost sight of the king. Perseus paused and traced the old man's wheezy breath - it came from under the grand table. Perseus bent down and grabbed the king by his long white hair, thrusting his sword into his chest.
By Ameenah, Brentford School for Girls

He was coming, the avenger.
Footsteps pounded down the corridor. Silence struck, all eyes were on the door. Spilt wine on the floor, trickling like blood.
Phineas's face was overwhelmed with fear. A chill ran down his spine, sweat slowly dripped down his cheek. People whispered words of anxiety, they exchanged looks of horror. The door handle slowly turned...
Finally, Perseus crashed through the door, a shining sword in hand. The guests gasped. Phineas shot up in fear, a chair tumbled, breaking the silence in the hall.
Tugging Medusa's head from the bag, Perseus began to petrify the guests, cutting down anyone that lay in his path. The sound of screeching pierced through the hall, lifeless bodies collapsed on the floor.
With a cry of terror, Phineas fled from the room.
By Aisha, Hounslow Manor School

As he approached the hall, Perseus felt the hairs on the back of his neck tingle, as he tightened his grip on the leather bag. From the hall came the clink of glasses raised in celebration. He heard the deafening cheers of people praising the king, the quick steps of people dancing. He took a deep breath and flew into the room with his sword held high. He gave them a menacing glare. Hatred grew in his heart. A thought raced across his mind: Where is he, the king? He had no need to barge through the crowd, as it parted at his will. His heart was throbbing against his chest like a ton of bricks as he felt Medusa’s head squirm about in the leather bag, waiting to be unleashed. At last he caught sight of the cowardly king fleeing. The hatred grew and he tore open the leather bag. The crowd gasped as Medusa’s head was revealed. He nearly lost his grip as it squirmed, waiting for its next prey. The snakes writhed with delight at the room full of victims. The crowd screamed as they realized what had happened. Some tried to run, but it wasn’t long before Medusa’s eyes spotted her victims. They slowly turned a chalky grey colour as they turned to stone. The more they tried to struggle the more satisfying crunches were heard. Medusa's snakes hissed in delight. Phineas fled.
By Adeeba, Hounslow Manor School

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