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‘Making Paintings Count’ was the subject of the study day at the National Gallery on 1 July 2010 which launched the new subject specialist network focusing on pre-1900 European Paintings.

Making Paintings Count

The study day was attended by a wide range of delegates from national, regional and university museums and staff from the National Trust, English Heritage, the Royal Collection and the National Gallery. As well as facilitating a lively discussion period in the morning and afternoon sessions, the study day also provided an important opportunity for the 43 delegates in attendance to network during refreshment breaks. 

The group were welcomed by the National Gallery’s Director, Dr Nicholas Penny, and the Gallery’s National Programmes Manager, Mary Hersov. Eight speakers – four from the National Gallery and four from regional museums – then considered the collection, display and interpretation of pre-1900 European paintings.

Feedback from the delegates was extremely positive, with the majority reporting that the day either met or exceeded their expectations, and there was a very good response to the speakers overall. There was also much support for the subject specialist network and many suggestions for future activities.

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