Study day: Dutch Art in Museums


At the end of the afternoon session, the floor was opened for a general discussion of the display of Dutch art in the institutions of the attending delegates:

  • The Holburne, Bath talked about the recent renovation of the museum, and the restructuring of the Dutch paintings within the space, paying particular attention to the sizes of the paintings and how this determined their display.
  • The redesign of Kelvingrove’s Dutch and Flemish painting display was mentioned, with the display of the paintings into themes.
  • Kelvingrove also mentioned their interactive intervention surrounding Rembrandt’s ‘Man in Armour’. This activity prompts viewers to ask the same questions as an art historian or curator when investigating the sitter’s identity.
  • York Art Gallery discussed the redisplay of their broad Dutch collection, including a redisplay of still-life paintings. Contemporary interventions using mixed media (including photography and ceramics) have also been integrated within the Dutch galleries.
  • ‘The Google Art Project’ was mentioned, and Manchester Art Gallery talked about their use of a similar concept to show artworks on upper galleries to those who cannot physically reach the spaces. The possibility of using such software to show viewers inaccessible paintings, such as those in storage, was also hypothesised.
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