Case studies: Sponsorships and partnerships

Partnerships and sponsorships can take many forms at the National Gallery. Read about some recent collaborations:


Credit Suisse

Picasso Projection on Wilkins Building and Sainsbury Wing

Since 2008, the National Gallery and Credit Suisse have been working
together in a unique partnership, which provides a vital funding platform for the Gallery’s exhibitions and educational programmes. Find out more about the ways we work together: 
Read our partnership page.

In 2016, generously supported the National Gallery’s Dutch Flowers exhibition. This support helped bring iconic Dutch flower paintings from the early 17th to late 18th century to life for the first time in 20 years.

To complement the exhibition, created a remarkable living floral reproduction of Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder’s A Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase.

A short film created by shows how 30 florists used over 26,000 stems to create the display, which stood at 8.2 metres high. This video has been watched more than 13,000 times within social channels and the Gallery’s Periscope tour had 632 live viewers and 7,656 followers. In all, the viral capacity of the display on social media exceeded expectations.

The Gallery hosted a floral design workshop that taught about the style and composition of Dutch still-life paintings and participants created their own floral arrangements to take home. Over 170 people entered a competition to win a place at this workshop.

This collaboration was promoted across all social media and the Gallery saw an increase in visitors to the exhibition over the floral display weekend of 5,454 people compared to the previous weekend. is an initiative from The Flower Council of Holland, which seeks to encourage consumer engagement with plants and flowers. The National Gallery’s 'Dutch Flowers' exhibition was a perfect opportunity to merge the goals of the Gallery and Flower Council of Holland by sharing the history and beauty of flowers and still -paintings with a wider public.


Hewlett Packard

Grand Tour

The National Gallery’s association with Hewlett Packard began in 1996 with donations of equipment to the Gallery’s scientific department. Since then the partnership has evolved into a multi-faceted relationship, which has included:

  • Working together to create the
    first ever Print-on-Demand
  • Support for the Gallery’s East Wing project with hoardings in Trafalgar Square
  • Storage of the digitalised collection – and making this available to visitors through ArtStart terminals
  • The award-winning Grand Tour of National Gallery paintings, which took reproductions of paintings out of the Gallery and into the city
  • Support for an HP Fellow in the Scientific department.

The theme throughout these initiatives has been an issue of interest to both parties: the reproduction of colour. This has created a true partnership, whereby both partners benefit from the association.