Disability Equality Scheme

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The National Gallery's equal opportunities in employment policy gives a commitment to promoting diversity throughout the organization by valuing people's differences, ensuring fair treatment for employees through the consistent application of rules and policies, and providing equality of opportunity for all. The policy applies to employees and job applicants who are expected to:

  • Treat others with respect, consideration and without prejudice
  • promote the same behaviour in others
  • Ensure unacceptable behaviour is reported and take appropriate action if unacceptable behaviour is experienced
  • Promote a working atmosphere of encouragement and support

The Gallery is committed to building a workforce which reflects wider UK society and is keen to find ways to attract and recruit candidates with a disability.

The Gallery is committed to making appropriate reasonable adjustments to improve the working environment for all staff with disabilities who require them. Assessments for reasonable adjustments are normally made through the Gallery's Occupational Health Provider

Staff Training and Development

Diversity is integrated into many of the courses provided as part of the Gallery's training programme, including induction, management development and the training provided for Visitor Service staff.

The Gallery aims to provide disability awareness training for all staff and consults specialist organisations and other experts on ways to improve training in this area.

Progress against objectives to 2006

Disability awareness sessions for representatives from all departments have been introduced and held annually by the Access Group.

More intensive training is provided for Gallery staff in direct contact with the public and the training which is provided to support Gallery Assistants, Front of House and Information staff with their visitor services roles has a strong emphasis on disability issues and awareness.

The Gallery provides all fire marshals, uniformed staff, and staff trained in first-aid with training in the evacuation of people with disabilities and other emergency procedures.

Plans for 2007 onwards

To ensure its data is fully up to date the Human Resources department will be undertaking an exercise to improve the Gallery's workforce profile data, specifically to ensure that we have as reliable data, as possible, on the employees with disabilities.

The Gallery will ensure that disability awareness training is provided for catering staff including instructions on dealing with disability issues during emergencies and fire evacuation.

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