Disability Equality Scheme

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Equipment provision

Progress against objectives to 2006

The Gallery has provided wheelchairs and stools at every entrance except the portico and wheelchair access to all its buildings. There is now wheelchair access and spaces for wheelchairs at both the back and front of the lecture theatre and wheelchair access to both cinemas.

There are induction loops in the Gallery's lecture theatre, both cinemas and all three information desks.

The Gallery's telephone system includes a Typetalk facility.

Screen magnifiers are available for ArtStart, the Gallery's interactive, multimedia system.

Plans for 2007 onwards

Wheelchairs and stools will be kept in repair, replaced and increased in number as necessary and as resources allow.

The Access Group will investigate the feasibility of providing a wider range of wheelchairs.

The Café operator will be asked to consider providing some members of the waiting staff with aprons incorporating an induction loop or other sound enhancement equipment.

The Access Group will investigate text pens and whether the Gallery should provide them.

Safety in the building

The Gallery takes account of the needs of visitors with disabilities in all safety procedures. It is the policy of the Gallery to enable all occupants of the building to be evacuated at the same time in an emergency.

Progress against objectives to 2006

The lift in the Sainsbury Wing has been upgraded to provide emergency evacuation from the lower floors for wheelchair users.

Plans for 2007 onwards

Safety procedures for disabled people will continue to be monitored annually and improvements made when possible.

Fire evacuation routes, fire alarm and emergency lighting in the refurbished Café is to be reassessed to see where improvements might be made and to ensure there are no barriers in the way of disabled visitors.

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